Slush Catering - Services We Provide

Original Kiddie Slush

The bulk of our clients hire our slush puppie slush machine for original kiddie flavours. BlueBerry, Strawberry, Grape and Litchi

Slushie Based Mocktails

Non-Alcoholic Slush based Cocktails.
- Strawberry Daiquiri
- Pina Colada
- Margarita

Iced Coffee Slush

Unconventional slush, such as icee coffee slush puppie, blends coolness with rich coffee flavors, delivering a refreshing twist for coffee experts.

Mix and Match

Experiment with various color combinations to create a wide range of flavors or for tailor-made brand activations.

Slush Puppie Machine

The Slush Puppie machine has consistently been a crowd-pleaser at gatherings, especially during the summer months.

Multiple Flavours

We offer a wide variety of slushie flavors, including options like mango, lychee, pineapple, margarita, and strawberry daiquiri.

Slush Machine Delights: Elevate Your Event with Customized Refreshment Experiences.

Add a refreshing twist to your events with our customizable slush machine service! We offer a delightful range of flavors for both kids and adults. Whether it's non-alcoholic fun or a touch of spirits, we cater to your unique preferences. Cool down and elevate your event with our versatile slushy treats!

Cool Off Your Kids' Party with Our Refreshing Slush Delights - A Sweet Success!

Elevate your child's party with our delightful slush machine rentals. Our colorful, frosty concoctions will have the little ones beaming with joy as they savor every sip. It's the perfect way to keep them cool and create cherished memories at your next kids' celebration.


Happiness Guaranteed

3 barrel options

Kids want slush

slush drink machine

Coffee Slush

Slush Puppie Machine

Chocolate Espresso

Chocolate Espresso Slush

Mojito SLUSH Cocktail

alcohol optional

Blue Lagoon SLUSH Cocktail

alcohol optional

mix n match

multicoloured, multi flavoured

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Pina Colada SLUSH Cocktail

alcohol optional

Margarita SLUSH Cocktail

alcohol optional

Daiquiri SLUSH Cocktail

alcohol optional

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Corporate Events

alcohol optional

Our Capacity | What can we handle ?

20 guests+ Private Event

Small Childrens Party.

  • Young Childrens Birthday

  • Nursery School

  • Sweet 16


50 guests+ Primary School

School Event.

  • School Fundraising

  • Church Event

  • Office Building Party


200 guests+ Corporate Event

Corporates, Churches, Conventions

  • Government events

  • Public gathering

  • Countrywide gatherings


1000 guests+ Major Event

Industry events, Huge concerts

  • International artist concert

  • Rugby matches

  • Cricket matches


Our Work

Kiddie Slush

Our highly sought-after kids' slush flavors remain a top choice. Reach out for the industry's best price.


Cost-effective slush-based craft beverages tailored for large corporate clients, and more.

Product Activations

We tailor colors to align with brands, a smart tactic for warm days or outdoor product promotions.

Extra Services

With extensive industry expertise, inquire about our additional services and custom arrangements.


Event Location

We have branches in major South African cities, such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

Number of Guests

This approximate number helps us provide an accurate quote.


Indicate whether it's a children's event needing regular slushies or a corporate event requiring artisanal slush beverages.


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